Salil Akundi


I'm Salil and I'm a first year Computer Science and Engineering major. In addition I'm a pianist and would like to pursue my interest in classical music at a professional level. I'm also an avid soccer and tennis fan, and derive as much joy analyzing games tactically as when Liverpool FC win!


Goalkeeper Passing- What’s been done so far

27 Jan 2019 • 8 min read
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It is true that a goalkeeper's main job is to keep the ball out of the net. However, in the modern game, where margins are much tighter and errors are easily punished, it is a valuable advantage for a goalkeeper to be an adept passer of the ball. This is particularly useful when a team plays a style with the intent of creating spaces to attack by drawing the opposition to press high, such as the style employed (with success, in the past with Napoli) by Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri. It is no coincidence, either, to see big clubs spending record sums of money on goalkeepers these days, goalkeepers that are not just shot-stoppers, but also excellent footballers.

Fixture Congestion and Playing Styles vs Injuries in European Football

07 Feb 2018 • 6 min read

Over the last few years, debate over fixture congestion in English football has increased, both on social media and by so-called sports pundits and former players on television. A key contributing factor to this debate is the increase in number of foreign mangers (mostly from continental Europe and South America) in the English Premier League over the last 5 years. Not only are these managers used to fewer matches (and winter breaks) in their home nations, they also bring in radically different styles of play that demand higher levels of fitness from the players. This article takes a closer look at the main reasons behind injuries by looking at patterns in other top European leagues over the years.

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