Haley Rao


How the Sharks’ Versatility Led them to the Conference Finals

30 May 2019 • 23 min read
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One of the thrills of watching playoff hockey is the emotional aspect, following a team through several games against the same opponent with everything on the line, and an especially close series makes the thrill even higher. The San Jose Sharks playing the Vegas Golden Knights in the first series of the playoffs was notable for its excitement, intensity, and controversy. The series was highly anticipated as a rematch of the previous year's second round, where the Knights won in six games. This time around, the Sharks were a much improved team, adding key players Erik Karlsson and Gustav Nyquist, while Vegas had more-or-less kept the same lineup as the previous year's Stanley Cup Final-bound team, with the notable addition of top line forward Mark Stone. The Golden Knights took early control of the series, finishing Game 4 with a 3-1 lead in games won. The Sharks managed to battle back, scoring a miraculous overtime goal in Game 6 to force a deciding game in San Jose. A close, hard-fought series was expected on the outset, but the conclusion shocked everyone.

Can Summer Ball Indicate Professional Success?

04 Dec 2018 • 4 min read
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Every summer, hundreds of college baseball players participate in summer leagues around the country. One of the most acclaimed of these leagues is the Cape Cod Baseball League, which consists of 10 teams across the Cape Cod peninsula. Collegiate summer leagues have support from both Major League Baseball and the NCAA, and are intended to help advance players from the collegiate to professional level.

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