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Why Anthony Davis and the Pelicans Failed

Chad Shimozaki

9 Feb 2019

Goalkeeper Passing- What’s been done so far

Salil Akundi

27 Jan 2019

How Effective is a Possession-Based Play Style in the UEFA Champions League?

Faraz Murshed

5 Dec 2018

Relievers in Today's MLB

Alex Veroulis

5 Dec 2018

Can Summer Ball Indicate Professional Success?

Haley Rao

4 Dec 2018

Defense in the Modern NFL (or Lack Thereof)

Arman Abrishamchian

4 Dec 2018

Keys to Success for the Young Lakers Core

Justin Yee

3 Dec 2018

Can the Toronto Maple Leafs Pay Up?

Joe Dunham

28 Nov 2018

2018 Ballon d'Or: A Look at the Contenders and their Numbers

Vedant Sahu

29 Nov 2018

Bust to Beast: The Jared Goff Story

Anirudh Mani

29 Nov 2018

The NBA’s ‘Perfect Game’ by One of Basketball’s Rising Superstars

Chad Shimozaki

24 Nov 2018

Early Overachievers: The 2018 Oakland Athletics

Alex Veroulis

30 May 2018

BSA Exclusive: Our Journey Through Research

Konner Macias, Ben Messinger, Nikhil Sharma, Ronaq Virdi

3 Jun 2018

Do Summary Statistics Really Mean Anything In Tennis?

Gautham Pasupathy

1 Dec 2018

Why Has Alexander Zverev Failed to Deliver at Grand Slams?

Kevin Hahn and Kathir Ilango

9 May 2018

NFL Draft 2018: Bruin Prospects

Alex Veroulis

20 Apr 2018

An In-Depth Analysis of Cristiano Ronaldo

Kevin Hahn, Kathir Ilango, and Subash Sundar Raman

9 Mar 2018

TJ McConnell Should Not Be In the NBA

Zane Winston

2 Mar 2018

Joe Thornton: The Bearded Legend

Alex Veroulis and Joey Maurer

28 Feb 2018

Blake Griffin: Sharpshooter or Bricklayer?

Nikhil Sharma

11 Mar 2018

NBA Midseason Reflections

Ronaq Virdi

5 Feb 2018

One-on-one: Tyreke Evans works his way back to relevance, Nicolas Batum having...

Ben Messinger, Zane Winston, and Albert Pan

3 Jun 2018

An In-Depth Analysis of Stan Wawrinka

Kevin Hahn

28 Jan 2018

Predictions for the 2018 Australian Open

Alex Verouis and Stephen Chen

26 Jan 2018

An In-Depth Look at NCAA Pac-12 Women’s Soccer

Joey Maurer

14 Jan 2018

An Analysis of Pro Prospects in Bowl Games

Alex Veroulis

10 Jan 2018

Think Twice Against ESPN Fantasy Projections

Konner Macias

19 Sep 2017

The Kershaw-less Dodgers: A Not So Dark Time…

Konner Macias

29 Aug 2017

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